I feel truly honored that you would take some moments out of your day to spend time with me on my blog! I’m a Virginia gal living right outside of Richmond and I have loved my life here. My husband, Nathan has my whole heart and is my best friend in every way. We have walked through numerous seasons of life together starting in our teenage years and it is been an adventure to figure out this “adulting” thing together! We are approaching 5 years of marriage December of 2018, and I’ve fallen more in love with him as time passes. Being married is truly a gift! Our Mini Australian Shepherd, Jak is the sweetest, and you may occasionally read my ramblings about how cute he is.

Each and every day, I strive to love my Savior, Jesus Christ with everything that I am through the way I live and love the people around me. He has changed me completely through his amazing grace and I’m so incredibly thankful for Him. His love has shown me how to view people the way He sees them – beautiful, created in His image, and with a unique purpose. There is nothing that gives me more joy than meeting women of all ages and backgrounds and sharing life over coffee…or dinner…or both! I believe people should be celebrated, and I make it my goal to share that no matter what is going on in someone’s life or the mistakes and failures that have taken place, there is hope in it all – that we are not defined by our decisions and that even still, the best is yet to come.

Fashion is a fun way for me to be creative, try new things, and connect with others! I don’t know about you, but I feel ready and excited for the day when I dress my best. I am naturally drawn to wearing simple neutral color-based pieces, and they have easily become staples in my wardrobe; however, I also have always had this love of pops of color – so on here you will see both.

Traveling and Speaking —>  Starting a NEW Church in Richmond, Virginia!  From May of 2014 – November 2018, Nathan has been traveling and speaking around the country partnering with various churches and events sharing the love of Jesus. We absolutely love our home church, Clover Hill Church, and it was an honor to be an extension of them wherever we went. While traveling and connecting with other churches and ministries will always be something we value, we are transitioning into a new season of Church planting. In the Fall of 2019, we will be launching Oasis Church in the Northside of Richmond, VA. If you or someone you know is looking to getting involved, stay in the loop by following online on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss a thing! Would you like to be involved RIGHT NOW? Send me a message or email to see how you can be part of the Oasis Launch Team. We would LOVE to have you!

I share about our journey to parenthood. Last December, I publicly shared about our struggle with infertility. December of 2018 marks 49 months of trying for a child. While I think there’s a time and a place for the battles we are facing, I do believe that an online platform can bring people together in a unique way, and that broken, messy places are an automatic invitation to see God’s beauty and power on display. We felt led to “invite” others in – not only because so many people are suffering in silence who are on a similar journey, but also because we believe in inviting other’s to believe with us about the days ahead.

I am a Special Education Teacher to students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at a private placement school. The field of Special Education was an unexpected love, and my life has not been the same since I entered that first classroom! I simply needed a job, and I found myself as an instructional assistant in a self-contained Autism classroom at a public high school almost 5 years ago. The students and the classroom changed my life, and I knew this was exactly what I was supposed to be doing. After completing my 2nd year as an instructional assistant and my undergraduate degree, I discovered I could become a teacher on a provisional teaching license. Within a matter of months, I took a grad level course, applied to a position, and landed the classroom NEXT DOOR to the one I had been assisting in! I then entered the graduate Special Education program at VCU, taught at that same school for two more years, and then recently (July 2018), accepted a position at a private Autism school. In addition, I just graduated with my Master’s degree in December of 2018. I absolutely love what I do, and I love watching my students learn, grow, and have fun! I consider it a PRIVILEGE to be entrusted with such incredible students, and each one is so unique that have enriched my life in a huge way.


If you read up until this point….you deserve a medal (haha)!! I am so excited that you have decided to join me on this adventure, and it is my prayer that you would find yourself encouraged and inspired for greatness as you read along with what I am passionate about.




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