The Quirk Hotel

Even though I’ve grown up in the suburbs outside of Richmond, Virginia for my whole life, my experience and adventures to the city and in the city did not really begin until the last few years. And in many ways, whenever we do go for a visit, it feels like I’m exploring someplace new, but it’s always been in my backyard! And the more I see it, the more I love it.  The people. The places. Oh my goodness, the restaurants. The history. The diversity.  The creativity. The uniqueness of it all. It seems like I can’t get enough of it! And coming from someone who has visited LA and NYC, I can genuinely say that Richmond IS in fact, my favorite city. Don’t get me wrong, LA and NYC are incredible. Like, TAKE ME BACK ANYTIME. Please. But there is absolutely no place like HOME. And Richmond is home for us. So whenever time permits, we try and take advantage of what’s only 20-30 mins away and try something new. For our four year wedding anniversary, we decided to take a vacation to our own city and stay at the Quirk Hotel. Oddly enough, I had NEVER heard about it until a few months prior to our stay when we were out with some friends, and were walking down street it’s on (RVA newbie here, remember?!). Well anyways, our friends were going on and on about how cute the Quirk was, and I couldn’t help but look like nothing short of a creep as I peeked inside to see what all the fuss was about.  And all it took was one brief look inside, and I turned to Nathan and said – I want to go here for our four years. And so we booked it that week, LOLOL! (Thank you, sweetie ❤ ). I later found out that it is a destination hotel, and people from all over the country come to visit since it’s opening just a couple years ago!

So here’s to an amazing vacation/getaway that took place in the beauty of our own city. I highly recommend it to anyone, and we hope to be back soon! Check out a sneak peak from our stay, and I guarantee you will be checking you calendar to see when you can book your date! 😉  ENJOY -xx

(clearly ecstatic to be there HAHA)


(the restaurant)


(extra, informal seating. great for meeting friends during the day, etc.)

(I don’t think I could ever have a pink tree in our home, but this just may have changed my mind….like WOW)

(a free hot beverage for each of us came with out stay, to which we took full advantage of prior to leaving the next morning!)

(the Quirk Gallery actually existed prior to the hotel! local artists are featured…amazing!)


(even the hallways are gorgeous!!!)

(local artwork above the bed!)





(Obviously, due to it being December and cold – the rooftop was closed, but they were so kind to let us go take a look right before we left. they typically serve drinks and light appetizers on warmer days. We will definitely be visiting in the summertime. I mean, that view. AH!)

One thought on “The Quirk Hotel

  1. Anna, these pictures are sooooo beautiful. I love the contrast of white and black. It seems distinctly feminine. But who wouldn’t want to enjoy such clean, fresh beauty. I’m happy you could celebrate four years. Love you tons, sis. ❤️💕💕


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