“The In Between”

I want to personally thank you for everyone’s support, encouragement, and prayers as Nathan and I went public with out battle with infertility on our last blog post and through social media. What a beautiful thing to see people come together through hard places. For me, it was about not letting the enemy win through silence. I have even heard from multiple people say that it has encouraged them to share their story.  So, while there will be a miracle when there is a Clarke baby, I believe that the miracles do not have to wait until then, but that there’s some miracles that God wants to do along the way and in the journey!

One of the things I realized was that not everyone has a safe place for support with their current struggles. Maybe it’s with secondary infertility. Maybe its a recent miscarriage. Maybe it’s with foster care/adoption. Maybe it’s in the ongoing wait like us.

Just a few days ago, I created a closed Facebook group called  “The In between” as a place of online support. A closed group means that anyone will be able to search for it and see members, but you will not be able to see discussions/posts, etc. unless you are in it.

The reason behind the name….

There’s a lot that can happen in between trying for a child, and then a child coming home. The most acknowledged “in between” is pregnancy.  But there are also other in betweens; one’s that are not commonly discussed despite the high volume of people who are currently in the middle of it all: infertility, secondary infertility, miscarriage, the pursuit of foster care/adoption, etc.

The group is also called “The In Between” because I have chosen to believe that this is a season, not a permanent destination.  This group is available for as long or as short as someone needs it. Just like I needed specific, unique support during Nathan and I’s engagement, we all may need specific, unique support during this time of our lives like anything else!

The purpose for this group….

– To provide a place for members to share their heart if they wish, connect with other women who have the desire to become a Mom biologically (for the first first child, or for an additional child), but right now the journey is much different than anticipated.
– Provide hope and encouragement for every step (I am posting regularly about a variety of topics that gives everyone the opportunity to share; however this group also serves as a place for those who would prefer to just check in for encouragement from people who “get it.”).
– Provide truth that is biblically based. If you don’t believe in Jesus, that’s totally okay. You don’t have to believe to belong!

I am including this post on my blog for a few reasons:

  1. To let you know that this group IS available for you or someone you know who is in this season and has expressed interest in needing additional support.
  2. To show you how you can be a part if you would like to join! (See below!)

To join “The In Between” Facebook group, click HERE for the direct group link.

Photography done by Sandy Swagger Jones

2 thoughts on ““The In Between”

  1. The In Between

    There are situations that sting and sear down to the core
    How and why were we chosen for this?
    Enough sadness over infertility to flood lives and yet

    It’s Yeshua’s touch that can steady the heart
    Neither dismissing nore discounting the struggle

    But standing by to catch the tears,
    Enlisting others to give and receive supportive comfort
    That’s what we need to be doing
    Waiting to offer whatever is needed if we can: even if it’s only a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear
    Every kindness soothes
    Every tenderness shown might help ease the waiting just a little bit and to maybe dare to try again to
    Name and own another enduring dream of a brand new life conceived for this – at least the 39th time

    ©2017 by Penny MacPherson, B.A., M.T.
    His Poetgirl Shiri-Liat
    Spiritual Writing Coach/PENNIT PRODUCTIONS
    Tapping into Vertical Intimacy, today.
    A poet by Avi-Yah’s appointing
    A poet with a scribal anointing
    Singing for The King


  2. This is a really wonderful idea, Anna. I think it can be the vehicle of hope and safety in suffering and disappointment for many women. Love your heart. ❤️


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