Christmas at the Clarke’s (First Edition)

That’s right! This is the FIRST time I am officially sharing our home on the blog since we closed on our first home in June and moved in over the summer. And I can’t think of a better way to introduce one our rooms than during the Christmastime season (plus, with unexpected snow!).  TBH, I feel slightly exposed sharing our home for the whole world to see (isn’t that ridiculous!?). Maybe because it’s my “safe place” where some of my most treasured moments are held as I spend time with family and friends. And maybe because I typically chat about fashion and my faith, so this feels like new territory for me…..but regardless, I am SO happy to share our living room with you all, and perhaps provide you with a little inspiration as you get a little sneak peak into our favorite place to be. Feel free to help yourself to some hot chocolate (made just how you like it!), hop on your couch while you snuggle up under your favorite blanket, and “make yourself at home” as we welcome YOU to our home!

Each year, one of our little Christmas traditions is to purchase a few more pieces of new home decor to add to our collection – and this year, I felt like we had enough to complete one of our rooms! Perhaps by our 25th wedding anniversary, we will have the whole house decorated for Christmas ;), haha! Until then, I am absolutely loving the process as we add more love and memories from year to year. What are some of your Christmas traditions? I LOVE hearing what families do this season!

Here’s a few details & fun facts about our living room:

  • One of the “must-haves” for our home while we were house hunting was a fireplace! Needless to say, when we first walked into this home – we KNEW within the first 3 minutes that this was the place for us…..and part of it was because of the fireplace! And to my surprise, it actually puts off a TON of heat, and keeps me warm in no time. I grew up with a wood-burning fireplace, and I did not think that gas fireplace would measure up. While it is definitely not the same, I am very pleased and extremely thankful to have it. So cozy!!!! Plus, the no-mess is a nice bonus : )
  • I thought LONG and hard about whether or not I wanted to paint over the wood paneling, and I am thrilled that I didn’t because there would be NO going back. While we did paint the wood trim white throughout the rest of the house, we kept the natural wood here in this room, and I find that it has become one of the most unique rooms of the house; inviting, yet modern all at once! #YES

Nathan & Anna & Jak <3. Also, this reminds me. I’ve been on top of shopping and wrapping gifts for under the tree, but I’m not sure of what to stuff in the stockings this year.  Any ideas?!

I LOVE this verse. Even though it is not commonly shared when talking about the birth of Jesus around Christmastime, this verse brings me so much comfort knowing that God is not distant and not absent, but that He is here… He is present…and He humbled Himself by sending his only Son Jesus to come to Earth and dwell among us, as he led a perfect life. Soooo much to be thankful for!

Natural looking Christmas trees decorated with special ornaments that represent memories has always been my preference. I love to reminisce on what each ornament means to our family, and I love to add more each year! More ornaments…more memories! However, I am open to having a themed Christmas tree in future year (certain colors, etc.), but it would only be in addition to this one. Who knows!  How do you like to decorate your Christmas tree?!

I shared this on my insta story a while back, but these two items were found from Target, and I spontaneously decided to pair them together in this way . Each was only $5 and I found the perfect spot for them!

This hallway opens up from our living room, and leads to the back door to our fenced-in backyard (Jak is literally in HEAVEN). In this mini hallway, we have our laundry “room” and guest bathroom.

There is ONE home decor piece seen here that is not ours that we borrowed just for the shoot. Can you guess what it is? It was my grandmother’s, and it’s absolutely stunning. Fine, I’ll spill: the persian rug in the hallway! My parent’s so graciously allowed me borrow it, and I still haven’t returned it (#oops). However, I will say that it has only confirmed that this style fits perfectly for our little hallway, and we will very soon be on the hunt to purchase our very own! It’s also been special to have something of my grandmother’s in our home, even if it’s just for a brief time. Grandma Etta, my Dad’s Mom passed away when I was in high school, a few years prior to Nathan and I dating, and I often find myself wishing she could have met him and be a part of the life that we now have together. Much of who we are and where we are are because of the prayers of other people, and my grandmother is definitely one of those people!

Over the summer, we had a couple of housewarming parties, and completely inspired by this pin (which was inspired by the movie “UP,”) I decided to create our very own. Each guest stamped their thumbprint and wrote their name as a little “balloon.” So cute!!!

As always, thank you so much for following along! You can shop any home decor below with direct links, and then scroll a little further to find out why I’m soooo excited about a week from today!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Sandy Swagger Jones | Website | Instagram

Letterboard: Letterfolk | Floor Lamp: Target | Wicker Accent Chair: Target (shop similar) | Floor Plant: Target (shop similar) | Holly Door Swag: Kirklands (shop similar) | Sofa: Rooms-To-Go | Joy Pillow: Kirklands | Blue Vase on Left of Mantle: TJMaxx (shop similar) | Stocking Hangers: TjMaxx (shop similar) | Lantern: Kirklands | Stockings: Hobby Lobby (shop similar) | Black Picture Float Frames: Target (shop similar) | Wifi Picture Frame: Hobby Lobby | Blue Vase on Right of Mantle: Goodwill (shop similar) | Basket: Target (shop similar) | Wrapping Paper: Walmart (shop similar) | Succulent Plant on Coffee Table: Hobby Lobby (shop similar) | Bottle: Hobby  Lobby (shop similar) | Glasses: Target  | Coffee Table: Wayfair  | Carpet: Wayfair

Here’s a little preview of next week’s blog post! Our 4th wedding anniversary is coming up on December 16th, and I am so excited to share our in-home anniversary shoot with you all soon.

Stay safe. Stay warm. Enjoy the snow, and share some of your favorite Christmas traditions and your stocking stuffers below! Until next time!

6 thoughts on “Christmas at the Clarke’s (First Edition)

    1. Thanks, Bek!!! Yes, they really are. Love this time of year!!! And agreed. So many of my childhood memories involve all of us sitting around the fire chatting. LOVE YOU! Can’t wait to see you this week ❤ – xx Anna


  1. The Clarke breakfast is a family Christmas tradition even older than me ;). We missed you guys last year.
    One of our traditions is to buy ornaments as a souvenir when we travel. I even have a few from Tanner’s gradeschool field trips 15 years ago. (My Vernon, Yorktown, etc). I have a couple from business trips to Boston and WV. My favorites are from family vacations and romantic getaways to the Caribbean. We enjoy reminiscing as we unwrap them each year. Enjoying your blog! Merry Christmas –
    Angelia (your FIL’s cousin, George’s niece). See you on the 23rd hopefully xoxo


    1. Haha yes! We can’t WAIT to be there next Saturday…so fun!! Even if I just indulge in french toast sticks and bacon ;). I love the ornament tradition! We recently started that as well, and our collection is growing little by little! Yes, unwrapping them each year is sure to help with re-living the memories…LOVE IT! Thanks for following along. I look forward to seeing you guys very soon!!! -xx Anna


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