The Summer/Fall Wardrobe Combo

It’s September, but the first official day of Fall isn’t until  the 22nd, and maybe you’re not quite ready to break out every infinity scarf and chunky sweater you own while posing with a pumpkin in every picture with a PSL in your hand (ok maybe you are). And speaking of a PSL…..I don’t…..I don’t…I don’t like them. Gasp! I totally understand if you refuse to read the rest of this post now HAHA! But it’s true. And for the most part, I’m not the type to try and force myself to like something I don’t initially like (especially since I’m not really picky to begin with it!) But give me a sliver of homemade pumpkin bread, and I’ll probably end up eating the whole loaf in one sitting. Especially my Momma’s recipe! OKAY ENOUGH ABOUT PUMPKINS AND FOOD.

Let’s talk about mixing your summer + fall wardrobe during this transitional season that 110% has an exciting buzz in the air each and every year! 

(remember my first outfit on the blog about this very thing?!)

And we don’t need to make this “awkward” time of the year rocket science when it comes to picking out outfits. Slowly moving from tank tops and shorts to tights and beanies doesn’t have to be dramatic decision that stresses you out, and you can absolutely make it work however you want. 

For this look, I chose a fall floral skirt with my favorite over the shoulder summer top paired with some peep toe boots (yes, even my shoes were “in between.” Not exactly sandals; not quite chelsea boots). My top was white with bright colors (YES, I’m wearing white after Labor Day… Gasp #2), and my skirt was a busy floral pattern with much darker colors.

Need some more ideas? Here’s a few more examples where this combo works!:

  • Black Maxi Skirt + Bright Tank/Bodysuit + Patterned Lightweight Scarf
  • Black Denim Shorts + Lightweight Long-sleeved Sweater (be on the lookout for this in my next post!)
  • Shorts With Tights Underneath + Tee Shirt With Long, Cardigan + Beanie
  • White Pants/Slacks + Short-Sleeved Floral Top + Gray Jacket Wrapped Around Waist

Which combo would you pick?

PHOTOGRAPHY: Sandy Swagger Jones Photography. Website & Instagram | POM POM OFF THE SHOULDER TOP: T.J. MAXX. Shop similar here   and here  | FLORAL SKIRT:  Target. Exact one here | SHOES: Famous Footwear. Shop VERY similar (on sale!) here and here  | CLUTCH: T.J. Maxx. Shop similar here and here| SUNNIES: Lex’s of Carytown. Shop similar here  HAT: Old Navy. Shop similar here and here

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