Mixing Patterns and Prints for Work

My second first day of school is here! How I feel now compared to how I felt exactly one year ago is COMPLETELY different. Both are good; just different! If you are new to Anna Clarke Blog,  I am entering in my second year of teaching. I am a Special Ed Teacher for students with Autism at a public high school, and I absolutely adore my job, but more importantly – I absolutely adore my students! Last year, I was scrambling to get everything in order, setting up my classroom for the first time, questioning if I could even do this, asking why in the world they even picked me, and was slightly fearful that my students would hate me (LOL!). But as the year went on, several things were confirmed over and over again:

I am exactly where I need to be

The students in my class are in my class for a reason.

There is something BIG that God want’s to do specifically THIS YEAR. 

 God doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called.

And I am called to THIS. To THEM. To this school.

Basically, it’s going to be an amazing year 😉 

 Phew, that was deep. For a fashion post, too. Good grief! Can you tell I’m passionate? But really. I think having readers know the reason behind what I do and why I do it is so important. And honestly, as crazy it might sound – it’s a huge reason why I take pride in what I wear to work. Not only by finding great looks that are business-casual, but also reflect an accurate representation who I am. And this combination of patterns and prints is pretty accurate!

Things to keep in mind….

  1. The floral + stripes combo is a great place to start when it comes to experimenting with mixing patterns and prints. And while I’m on that note, here’s another #ootd with this same combo to help you plan for next summer (yeah, I totally just went there)!
  2. Keep accessories (particularly jewelry) to a minimum. When your top and pants/skirt are more of the statement pieces, wearing items that are flashy in addition to that might be a little too much, and take away from the outfit as a whole.
  3. Solid color shoes + bag bring some balance! If mixing patterns and prints still makes you a bit uneasy, wearing/using some solids are a great way to tie everything together.
  4. When it comes to work attire specifically, a casual collared blouse + work pants paired with some flats are TIMELESS and thankfully, there are countless variations of the same exact thing these days. If I had to pick the “same type of outfit” for an entire school year…this one is IT! Check out another great businesses casual look from last year RIGHT HERE.
  5. If you had to pick one go-to outfit for your job – what would it be?!

2017-2018 school year….LET’s DO THIS!


Photography: Sandy Swagger Jones | Slacks: Purchased from H&M. Shop similar here | Top: Purchased from LOFT. Shop similar here | Watch: Shop similar here | Bag: Dagne Dover. Shop exact here. (last seen on the blog here and here)| Flats: Shop similar here 


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