So Tropical in SoCal

Our week in LA is wrapped up (see last post here), and now we’re home and I’m seriously so happy LOL. California lived up to it’s expectation of beauty and relaxing vibes, and I feel crazy blessed to have been able to get away for a little while! Not too long ago, there was NO way we could have ever done something like this, and I just can’t help but smile at the faithfulness of God and His provision in our lives. But now I’m in my favorite place in the world: H O M E. This weekend, we’ll be having a family housewarming party and I CANNOT WAIT. While our last two apartments have been very spacious, neither one of them were big enough to fit my whole family and be comfortable. I’m the youngest of 8 kids so any other big families out there…. you get what I’m sayin’ ;). This actually might be the highlight of the year honestly: my family + my Clarke fam…together… in our first home. Nothing can beat that in my opinion.

So have you ever had that moment where you saw something on the clothing rack, your eyes turned into heart eyes, and immediately this (very godly and spiritual) rage came over you to snag it before the person (that’s not even there) grabs it first? That’s what happened to me with this stretchy-palm leaf-everything-that’s-good-skirt. No one was injured during my shopping experience. But this beauty hopped into my suitcase to CALI and it was perfect. Except for biking. But I was totally okay with that. Because it was a palm-leaf skirt…and I basically felt like a million bucks even though it was only $5 from Plato’s Closet. YES! I’m not kidding.

I kind of forgot about Plato’s Closet, but somehow I was reminded of it from when we were in New Mexico a month or so ago, and we were waiting on an Uber after dinner. And lo and behold, a Plato’s Closet was right there in a nearby shopping center. And me, never wanting to waste time, the obvious decision was to go find something good. Am I rambling yet? Either way….this prompted me to go visit the one back home more often, and I found this piece last minute! While I paired it with a tank, it would also look amazing with a tee or jumpsuit and sneakers. How would you wear it?

[ O U T F I T details at the end this post ]

What clothing items tend to make you have snag-off-the-rack moments?  


SKIRT: Purchased from Plato’s Closet. Brand: Forever 21. See all palm-leaf skirt options with direct links below! | TANK: Purchased from H&M. Shop similar here 


1. $7.99 [Shop here]

2. $17.99 [Shop here]

3. $99.00 [Shop here]


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