My 5 Rules for An All Day On-The-Go Outfit

Some days I easily end up changing my outfit three separate times because of work attire, an evening out, and then lounge wear for home. Other days, I don’t have that same flexibility to run home and change clothes because I’m out all day long. When I know these days come around, I have go-to outfits that are guaranteed to help me get through my day that are hassle free, fashionable, but most importantly: comfy to the max.  Check out my rules below for an all day on-the-go outfit.

dsc_02991. I either throw on a beanie or put my hair up in a ponytail. Granted, most jobs don’t allow any type of hat, etc. – but, this works perfectly for after work or for all day on the weekends. I especially love to wear them when I’m on day 3 hair, and I don’t feel like showing off my roots LOL! Sound familiar? Remember when I talked about that here?


2. I wear stretchy pants. While these rules are not in order, if I had placed them in order of importance – THIS would have been my number one rule. To me, wearing constricting pants (especially around the waistline) is the most  aggravating to think about while going about my day. Thankfully, there are many work-approved stretchy pants out there these days! And if it’s the weekend – throw on those leggings!


3. I pick the tshirt + sweater combo. If I know I am going to be gone all day long, I stay away from blouses and tight jackets. T-shirts are great for every-day, and sweater cardigans are generally soft and easy to move around in. Pretty helpful when you might be sitting in traffic, class, and walking around everywhere if you ask me!


4. Sneakers – EVERY TIME.  Enough said. I can wear these sneakers all day long without my feet killing me by the time it’s time to head to bed! And thankfully, there are sneakers specifically for day-to-day now instead of just for specific sports. Basically, for people like me LOLOL! See how I’ve styled sneakers for all types of occasions  here , here, and here.


5. I make sure everything I need is in my bag (last seen here). The less things I need to carry around, the better – and thankfully, I can fit most of what I need in this one. From my water bottle, planner, beauty products (lotion, chapstick, comb), mints to a textbook, this bag has countless compartments to help keep all of my necessities in one place. Speaking of keeping things organized, see all my tips on how to do that here.


Every day is different, but these simple tips have helped me spend less time worrying about what I’m wearing or what I wish I had with me, and more time spent on the important things of my day!

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Sandy Jones Photography – Website / InstagramLEGGINGS: Purchased from Target. Find exact pair hereLONG-SLEEVED TEE: Purchased from H&M. Find exact top here LONG CARDIGAN: Purchased from Ross. Find similar hereSNEAKERS: Purchased from Famous Footwear. Find exact pair hereBAG: Dagne Dover: Find exact here 

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