My Top 10 Picks of Things To Do This Valentines Day (For E’rybody)

HOLD UP. I’m still recovering from the holidays! LOL there’s no mercy this time of year! I’m totally kidding….but really – did Valentines day come quick or what?! No complaints here, though; I’ll take any excuse to spend quality time with my loved ones – including on love-day!

So as most of y’all know, I’m all about planning, (seriously – planners/lists, etc. give me LIFE), but if I’m being honest…I generally plan by the week for the sake of my sanity, except for a few things throughout the year. So if you haven’t been really thinking about “what to do” for Valentines Day this year until this week, I’ve compiled a list (just for you) of my Top 10 Picks For E’rybody! Yes, that means you :).


1) Raid Dollar Tree for Valentines Day Goodies. You name it – they probably have it! From candy, V-Day decor, balloons, to little fun things you can put in goody bags – it’s a one-stop-shop IMP! Fill bags with sweet things for your co-workers, neighbors, family – etc. Chances are, you’ll make them feel extra special and loved! (And who said anything about stopping those little fun traditions from elementary school?) Have fun with it, and be creative without spending a ton.


2) Write a Hand Written Note/Valentine. With the internet kind of taking over, and “talking” with people is just at our fingertips, receiving an actual note/valentine just might make someone’s day! Take a moment to sit down, think about the important people in your life, and let them know how much you love them. I know something I’m completely guilty of is talking about how awesome someone is (to someone else), and then realizing “Wait, when is the last time I’ve actually told THEM that?!”


3) Dine in. If you’re looking to eat out- chances are (if Valentines day is just a couple of days away), it may be too late to book a reservation at a restaurant (but of course, check anyways!!!). See if your place of choice does take-out or deliveries, and then order ahead of time if you can so! Visit Dollar Tree (see #1) and pick out cute little decor for the kitchen table. Then hop on the couch and watch your favorite show or movie with your girlfriends or significant other. Especially if Valentines Day is in the middle of the week (which it is this year), sometimes it’s nice to not be out somewhere late when you have to get up early for work the next day!


4) Book a Photoshoot. When is the last time you ever did a photoshoot, if ever?! Was it senior pictures? Your wedding? A family picture….5 years ago? Many times, photographers have amazing deals last minute, and it’s absolutely worth it! Whether it’s about you (hello, beautiful!), gathering up your girlfriends, or celebrating you and and your loved one, getting your family together – I think it’ll be something you look back on and be glad you did! (Hint: Sandy Swagger Jones Photography has some great deals right now)


5) Bake that recipe you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest. You’ve “pinned it” (I mean “saved it) – and you’ve tucked all your favorites on your neat little board labeled “Get In My Belly” or “Holidays”, but you still haven’t decided on when you’re going to actually try that sugar cookie with the special bow and arrow and the hearts. If you’re staying in this Valentines Day, go ahead make that recipe you’ve saving for a while! Don’t have all the ingredients? I know the Walmart and Kroger do grocery pick-up orders that will deliver to your car (with special discounts for first-timers!).


6) Go Shopping! There’s nothing quite like secretly shopping for someone and then wrapping their gift, but have you thought about going shopping together? Grab your girlfriends or significant other and hit the mall! Window shop, grab your favorite hot beverage, walk around or actually have your loved one pick out exactly what they want. Nathan and I actually do this often, and we both love it (yes, I am VERY blessed LOL).


7) Book a Massage. I know – so cliche! But WORTH EVERY CENT. I’ve only received a massage a couple of times, but I wish I planned for more of them because it makes a huge difference on how I feel, and how energized I am for my busier days. Groupon offers incredible deals, and I have referred to them often. Just remember that after you purchase your Groupon, you have to call the actual company to book your appointment!


8) Pamper yourself with a mani/pedi. This piggy-backs off of #7, but I wanted to include it as well because I know for many people, a mani/pedi is saved for special occasions (or maybe that’s just me?!), and Valentines Day should absolutely be included in that category. If you don’t have your go-to place that you’re faithful to, Groupon – again, should be your first stop. For me, my nails are always last in the beauty realm of priorities (sad but true). It’s usually picking out an outfit, make-up, hair (if that), and THEN nails (which I rarely ever get to even at all as of late!). And if you’d rather not go out (LOL I promise that’s not the theme of this post haha), DIY at home!


9) Try Something New. For those of you who live and breathe spontaneity 24/7, this might not be for you LOL! But for the rest of us…we might need some ideas to choose from that give us a little nudge to try new things. Here’s a few things to do that the average person might not have in their schedule each week 😉

  • Group Painting Class
  • Cooking Class
  • Rock Climbing
  • Dancing Class
  • Ice Skating
  • Take a Tour of your City (Trolly or Segway tour? Just saying’!)
  • Drive-In Movie Theater.


10) Pick your FAVORITE thing to do – and do it! No, really. What puts a smile on your face? And when is the last time you did it? Is it picking up a new book, snuggling up in a reading nook, and diving into an exciting story? Is it going on a walk, and playing with your pup? Is it lighting some candles, taking a bubble bath, and listening to relaxing music? Is it traveling? Can you take a mini-day, a mini-evening, or a little weekend getaway trip with your loved ones or friends? Whatever it is – DO IT.  Some of us wear a lot of different hats in many different roles, and it’s hard to stop for a second enough to realize that recharging by doing our favorite thing just might be the best thing not only for us, but for everyone around us.

I hope you enjoy this special holiday coming up and all that it means to you. How do YOU plan on doing to celebrate Valentines Day this year?! XOXO! 

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2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Picks of Things To Do This Valentines Day (For E’rybody)

  1. I LOVE this! Too many people scorn this holiday, but it’s one of my favorites! Last year, my husband and I just did all of our favorite things over Valentines Day weekend 🎉😊 You had some great suggestions here!


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