2017 So Far

Generally speaking, I think most people enjoy a new year. A fresh beginning; a clean slate. It helps us reflect on the last 12 months, while also jumping into the newness of the next year with high hopes and perhaps a determination to start new habits.

Though it’s mid-January, 2017 still feels very much new and it’s honestly been incredible so far. With this new transition, I thought I would share how Nathan and I have finished each year together, and also some fun little random details about 2017 up until this point:

  • We Write It ALLLL Down. Because our wedding anniversary falls in December, we can reflect on the past calendar year and  on the past year of marriage at the same time. We know that regardless of how fresh the challenges and exciting things of that year feel at that time, we are likely to forget a chunk of it as the years go by! So, we write it all down! Nothing fancy – just words on a document. We split it up into a few categories like Jobs, Marriage, Spiritually, Finances, etc., and then for each one of those categories, we have a Nathan, Anna, and Us section. While it does take some time, we enjoy chatting about it all as we help each other remember key moments. Every year, we become incredibly thankful as we look at God’s faithfulness in our lives.
  • We Make/Print A Photo Book.  Most pictures are on our our phones, but at the end of the year, we like to own something in print! Groupon often has incredible deals for under $10 (seriously, wait for the deal!), and we have been impressed with the quality of many of these brands (specifically, Printerpix & Collage). It’s perfect for us to browse through personally, but also fun for when we have people over.

  • I’ve cleaned out my closet 3 separate times. Yeah, I know: that’s every week. so far LOL! I’ve found there are pieces in my closet that I love, and then there are the ones I like. And to put it plainly, I only wear what I love! So, everything that has not been worn recently (~6 months), I gave away to friends/Goodwill. It felt amazing (and I don’t miss ’em)!
  • I’ve been going to the gym 3-4 times a week. I know, how typical. It’s J-A-N-U-A-R-Y! But really, I’ve come to that point where it’s like “There’s no more messin’ around!” It’s helped so much to go with friends, and that’s what I’ve been doing almost every time. Somehow, talking and catching up in between sets takes my mind off of how much I’d rather be curled up in bed watching Nexflix (#truth)!!
  • I’m honestly excited to start Grad School. Seriously. I mean, ask me a few months into it and my answer might be different (LOL!), but right now – I can’t wait to start! Because my undergrad was in something else, this will be my first time meeting other professionals in a field I’m passionate about who are outside of the school where I work (read about that story here).
  • Nathan and I visited our first “Open House!” AHHHH!! We are hoping to buy our first home this upcoming summer, and we decided to take the step from looking at Zillow to actually visiting an actual home. We fell in love with the home (oops), and while it may or may not still be on the market when it comes time for us to buy, we have a better idea of what we both want (until then, you’ll find me watching HGTV )
  • BLOG IDEAS GALORE. I couldn’t really think of anything else to say…..so that intro will have to do! 😉 Recently, all of these ideas for the blog have been sprung on me all at once and I’m sooooo excited to share them with each of you in 2017. Hint: There will be more styling tips, “round ups,” beauty products/routines, andddd of course: more devotionals about what the Lord is teaching me at the moment. All I can say is, GET READY Y’ALL!





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