Monochrome: The All Black Classic 

I can barely believe we’re already half-way through January. Eeek! Not only am I about to hit a mini milestone of  completing my first semester of teaching, but I finally start grad school at the end of this month (helloooo, VCU!).  Some of y’all know there was a time in my life (not too long ago, actually!) where I said I would never  teach & never go to grad school. Funny how things change LOL!

AND, on top of that, ANNA CLARKE BLOG is coming up on it’s one year anniversary! YAY! 

Now about this all black look that I’m pretty much obsessed with (foreals)! I don’t know what it is, but I feel like as I’ve gotten older, the simpler I’ve become. Seriously, I feel like I change my earrings every three weeks.

So when it comes to staying simple: monochromatic looks are my top pick. Every time. You can take that to the bank! Black….white…gray…… anything works, and it takes all the guessing work out of it when you’re getting ready. Plus once you decide what color you’re going with, just look around your closet for the same color (yeah, the secret’s out 😉 )

For this day, I decided to go for a classy, sleek all-black look that would be most definitely be work approved (tip: switch out the distressed pants first LOL), or great for an evening out in the wintertime. This outfit was incredibly comfy (everything was stretchy!), and I have always had this love relationship with turtlenecks since I was little haha.

(five seconds later, I about tripped on that cobblestone, but seriously — how perfect is this street?!)

I LOVE this tote. I purchased it right after Christmas and it was exactly what I was looking for. Again, so simple!

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Sandy Jones (Instagram) from Sass and Frass Photography (Website) | LOCATION: near Urban Farmhouse in RVA | TURTLENECK: H&MBLACK DISTRESSED DENIM: PacsunBLACK TOTE: H&M SUNGLASSES: Pacsun (shop similar) | HEELS: Target  | SCARF: TJ MAXX (similar)

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