Caribbean Cruise | Part 2

Ironically enough, RVA is currently experiencing some snow (hooray!) this weekend, and it’s looking like school will most likely be cancelled for the beginning of the week. My family lived in Denver, CO for over 10 years and my parents always laughed at school closings in Virginia. We only made it through five days after a two week winter break LOL. But there are no complaints here;  I love my job!!

So in case you missed it, you might want to catch up on Part 1 from our Caribbean Cruise here.  There I shared about the cruise itself and some of our adventures during the first half!


We were expected to arrive around noon that day,  so we decided to hang out up top later in the morning until we saw some land. I could seriously look out at the waves all day! So relaxing. We kept looking for dolphins during our week (well I was LOL), but never saw any. Hopefully next time, though 😉

Cover-Up: Similar

Adidas Hat: Purchased from Pacsun (no longer available), but you can find the  exact one here

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 We’ve arrived! No planned excursion for this day (side note: all excursions sold out the day before each stop, so plan ahead if you’re dying to do something specific!). As soon as we walked into Costa Maya from the port, there was a tiny shopping town that was clearly built for tourists (see what we ended up purchasing from one of the shops a few images down!).

But my one goal was:  BEACH TIME.  While many people offered various beach packages within the little town, we decided to take our chances and see if we could find something cheaper on our own. We ended up walking past the shops, and we waved a taxi to us. We were totally winging it! All we said was “take us to the beach!” and $2 and five minutes later, we were taken to this incredible public beach that was surprisingly not too crowded. We ended up eating some incredible tacos for lunch (of courseeeeee), and we stayed on the beach for the afternoon before we had to head back on the ship for dinner.

Take me back!!!

Suit: Similar high waisted suits here

Some buildings on the other side of the beach.

The cutest little corner of the restaurant where we ate lunch.Waiting for our taxi to head back to the port!

Back to the little town! Before leaving, we made sure we grabbed some homemade chocolate. The white chocolate was top notch!


We booked a snorkeling + clear kayaking + beach excursion in Cozumel. This was our first time snorkeling and it was much easier than I expected! It ended up taking up the entire day so we didn’t have time to explore, but it was an incredible experience! We went with a group and our guides were absolutely hilarious, plus since it was something new for us – we appreciated them answering our questions! But I think if we go again, we might invest in our own snorkeling gear and head to the beach so it’s a time that’s a little less structured.

I didn’t even know clear kayaks existed!!!

Looking down to see nothing but the crystal clear water and tons of beautiful fish was seriously a one of a kind experience. But I forgot how much of a workout kayaking was haha! We had to pause a couple of times because my arms were tired LOLOL!

Waiting for our taxi back to the port!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And as our cruise came to a close, we had one more formal night. Like I mentioned on my instagram a couple weeks ago, we passed by this gorgeous Christmas tree every day and LOVED it.  Going on vacation during the Christmas season was unique and fun, but when we saw that the ship was decorated for the holidays, it was like the icing on the cake!

Formal Dress: find it here

Well, that’s the end of our cruise! We couldn’t have asked for a better time together as we celebrated our 3 years. Until next time!


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