Packing for our Caribbean Cruise

TONIGHT, we set our alarms for 2am (Lord help me HAHA), and TOMORROW we fly down to Florida to board our cruise to celebrate our 3 year anniversary!

Three years. Wow. While I can’t help but get excited about certain dreams on our hearts about the years ahead, I am so content to just soak in the moments of where we are now, and reflect on the Lord’s goodness to us these past few years of our marriage. Not only that, but we will also be traveling with our sweet friends, Bret and Sarah. We met them a couple years ago in our Friday night small group from church. They have become such great friends and we could not be more thankful for them in our lives!

So, Nathan and I have never been on a cruise before, and this is pretty much our first vacation. Needless to say, we will probably be looking like your typical tourists: “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over the first white speck of sand we see LOL!!

But as I began to prep and plan for our trip, I thought I would share some special items that I’m including in my suitcase. Aside from the obvious: the many swim suits, sunglasses, sandals, etc. — I wanted to include 8 different items for you guys that just might give you some inspiration for YOUR next trip.




Victoria Secret Pajama SetI’ll just go ahead and admit it, but this is actually my first pajama set as an adult! LOL! I love sweats and lounging around, but it never occurred to me until this year to actually invest in comfy, high quality PJ’s (that weren’t joggers, leggings, or yoga pants). As a gift for our anniversary (thanks, babe!), I’ll wait until we get on board to snuggle up in this cute little number! Even though we’ll be going “south for the winter,” it’s still the Christmas season and I wanted to celebrate with this pattern! The above link leads to my same type of PJ set; however, my actual pattern (the fireside thermal pj) is only available in other sets.



Neutragena Sunscreen.

It’s almost kind of sad how obsessed I am with this sunscreen. But really – how does sunscreen smell THIS good? And especially as a ginger, I am pretty picky about what I put on my skin before going out into the sun. This brand has never failed me, AND it doesn’t leave me feeling greasy afterwards.



Wedding Day Perfume . I saw somewhere (ok, probably Pinterest) that recommended brides to purchase a special perfume that wouldn’t be worn until the day of their wedding. And then afterwards, every time it’s “worn,” again it’ll take you (and your hubby) back to the day you said “I do.” I can attest that this to be very accurate. So of course – placing it in my bag to bring for the cruise was a no-brainer!



Waterproof Case/Pouch for iPhoneMy gosh. This was a last minute purchase and I’m so glad Amazon Prime exists (holllllaaaa somebody!!)! Currently, we do not have a “professional camera” (soon though, y’all – soon!!!), and therefore, it’ll be up to our good ole iPhones to capture our vacay. Obviously, though – most of our excursions will be near that gorgeous crystal-clear-water-that-I’ve-never-seen-before (omg, I cannot WAIT). With 17,000+ people giving it about 4.5 reviews on Amazon – I decided to go for it! Fingers crossed!


Sneakers. Ha. It’s the thought that counts, right? There’s a gym on board, and I plan on using it (at least once? maybsss). If not, these cuties look fabulous with anything. If you don’t own them, but they’ve caught your eye – let me just tell you right now…they are worth every penny!!!! #socomfytho



Formal Night Dress . For one of the formal nights, I wanted something *different* that didn’t cost a fortune; something that didn’t look like it was meant for prom or a wedding – but also not too basic either. While my search took a while (even online), as soon as I saw THIS velvet dress, I knew that it was “the one.” Yes, I’m still talking about the dress LOL. With long sleeves, a slim fit, winter colors, and a feminine touch with the high slit, this maxi dress has been tucked in tightly in my suitcase for our special evening!



Mary Kay Travel Roll-Up Toiletry/Make-Up Bag. Thankfully, this came in the mail just a couple days ago, and I’m thrilled to begin organizing it. I was introduced to Mary Kay three or four years ago by my sister, Rebekah – and I’ve been hooked ever since (and so has my skin)! With 4 detachable *clear* compartments (yay – no more digging!), this roll-up bag can be held by the handle or hung up by the hook at the top. Either way, my beauty products will be secured and organized at home and when we travel.



Cover-Up (similar). With a variety of things to do in one day, I wanted to specifically bring items that I could wear without doing a complete outfit change when we transition from one activity to the next. With several cover ups to choose from, I can just add a pair of shorts (especially if I’m wearing a one piece), and I’ll be ready to go from snorkeling to exploring. I will also be using some thin casual dresses as cover ups that I can just throw on. Win, win!

Of course there’s so much more that I could include — but these were my top 8 aside from the obvious. If you’ve been on a cruise, let me know below! Where did you go? What were your FAVORITE excursions? Any tips that I need-to-know?

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