Sunday Stripes

Let me just say…..Sundays are THE BEST! Whether Nathan and I are around the country partnering with a local church and watching everyone come together to worship the same God, or we’re at our home church and being a part of  something bigger than ourselves — I love this day of the week! And the next best part: Sunday NAPS (CANIGETANAMEN?!) Give me all the ZzZz’S!


(side note: Nathan is literally taking a nap as I write this LOL)

ANNDDD…..During Thanksgiving weekend, we officially moved from our apartment and into my in-loves third floor. WHOAH. Yes – forreals! We didn’t want to sign another lease for an apartment because anything under a year is crazy expensive – but we also weren’t (aren’t) ready to buy a house quite yet either. So until then, my in-loves have graciously opened up their home to us, and we are in the process of looking/saving for our first home. EEK! Exciting. But hectic in the best way possible.

LOL, and I can’t help but laugh as I think about when I was trying to make food for Thanksgiving (while also trying to pack up the kitchen because we were moving the next day), and then sitting down on my laptop trying to get all the Black Friday deals for Christmas shopping when boxes were piled up everywhere in our new place . Hahaha, what a weekend that was!


img_4159 img_0158

(dress last seen here and here on my Instagram)

This dress is extremely versatile. I’ve paired it with sneakers for going outside, heels for a party, and now boots another Sunday. Love, love LOVE!


I was actually and surprisingly very cozy in this outfit ALL DAY. The secret? Slim-fitted layers under my long-sleeved dress. Specifically — thick leggings, a tank top, two pairs of tall socks, knee high boots (they really make a difference!), AND a knit cardigan that’s underneath my button-up shirt. Who wouldaa thought?! As y’all know – I’m ALWAYS cold. But if I can stay warm without looking like a balloon for five months out of the year, I’m rolling with it!

Two Words: Men’s Section. I learned a while ago to stop by the men’s section every now and then for certain pieces of clothing – especially if I’m looking for something oversized! Because we had just moved and were sorting through things, I snagged this button-up shirt from Nathan’s closet before it went into the Goodwill pile! YAS!

 What do you love to do on Sunday’s? // Do you have any other tips and tricks on how to stay cozy? // Let me know below!

I purchased my striped midi dress from Ross last year, but I’ve linked some similar ones:





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