Never The Same TEE

NATE CLARKE MINISTRIES MERCHANDISE is IN! Holla somebody! From thinking about what this phrase represents, designing the tees, waiting for the shipments to arrive, and then rolling them up to get them ready for YOU, Nathan and I have had a blast starting this together.

For those of you who don’t know, my husband travels around the country speaking at different church events to help encourage the Church and to spread the Gospel for those who may not have heard yet about the hope we have in Jesus. We began this journey about two and a half years ago (you can read more about it here), and have never looked back!

Currently, we have one unisex design in black and white. Additionally, these key necklaces are available as well (did I mention I’m wearing both right now? LOL!) And finally, we will be having jump drives ready with 3 full length messages and 7 devotionals! AH! SO. GOOD.

Never The Same. The message of the tees is simple: when we experience the love and grace of Jesus, he leaves us never the same. So simple, and yet so life-changing in every way. We hope it’s not only a great reminder for you personally, but that it also serves as an amazing way to share your experience with Jesus with people around you.

While we do not have an online store set up yet, if you would like to order some tees/necklaces/jump drives, you can email us at !

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