Business Casual: Work Style

As many of you know by now, I just started a new job. One thing I noticed, though was that I wasn’t crazy about my work wardrobe (which is sad because that’s where I spend so much of my time)! Basically, I would wear clothes to work that I thought were “Eh,” and then when I would get home, I would put on my *favorites* for whatever else was going on that evening.

And like I shared when I first started this blogging journey…. when I look my best – I really do feel my best, and I feel ready to tackle anything that’s thrown my way (as cheesy as all of that sounds….. it’s so true!). So I finally decided something needed to change. My goal was to find versatile pieces that I could wear *all* day for both work and after work plans.

After doing some digging and getting a feel for what I might need, I decided on blouses and dress pants would be the best place to start for my “staples.” Thankfully, there are countless styles of blouses now these days to choose from that don’t look like they are only for the job. And thankfully, Kohl’s came to my rescue in the jegging department (also seen here)! I really can’t stand the tight and uncomfortable dress pants that always make me feel 10 sizes bigger than I am – so the stretchy part was kind of a must, and I was absolutely thrilled to find some goodies that were exactly what I was looking for. And while I do feel like I’ve been living in sneakers lately (like here and here) because I run around the classroom so much (LOL!), I still wanted to throw in some boots this fall to change it up a little, too.

(Please ignore my crooked necklace– I noticed it wayyy after the fact, obviously 😉 !)


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BLOUSE: found on clearance at LOFT. While they are no longer selling it, here are some other LOFT blouses. | JEGGINGS: Found at Kohls. Shop exact here. | BOOTS: found at Charming Charlie. Shop exact here. | WORK BAG: Dagne Dover. Shop exact here. (other colors available) |

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4 thoughts on “Business Casual: Work Style

  1. I love this Anna! I personally felt like this article is exactly what I’ve gone through this and blouses have really stepped my business causal style up! Thanks for some inspiration and style tips.


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