Transitional Maxi Dress: Summer to Fall

Around here, people wish for fall much sooner than fall weather actually arrives  (or maybe it’s just me…). It’s almost kind of hysterical, actually. Let’s say it jumps from 80 to 70 in September (aka a “fall month”). Well before I can blink twice – I see someone out in public wearing their Ugg boots and an infinity scarf! Um…what? LOL!

So what do you do when fall is coming/just arrived — but it’s still kind of well… HOT? Maxi’s are the way to go. I scored this one for $10 from Target on clearance this year to wear to a wedding (btw, maxi’s have been my go-to wedding attire like here and here). Unfortunately, it’s been sold out, but I linked some other wonderful transitional maxi’s at the end of this post.

As far as this one goes, the soft green is a gorgeous color for fall, and yet I was completely comfortable in the warmer temps that afternoon and evening. Basically, my goal was to not look ridiculous! 😉

[sunnies last seen here]

[sandals last seen here]

Oh…and you can find another post that talks about a transitional piece HERE!


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