THE Long Fringe Knit Vest 

A couple weeks ago, Nathan and I hopped in the car and  drove (meaning he drove every single hour, and I snoozed away on the passenger side!) to Louisville, Kentucky to meet with some amazing pastors and leaders from around the country. Being the typical tourists that we are, we started snapping pictures immediately (okay, that part was mainly me) and we enjoyed a little mini version of  “city life.” as our hotel was not too far from the conference center where most of the meetings were held.

Also, I realize that this is a fashion post, so I’m going to try and keep this rant short but Y’ALL……we visited this incredible-I-could-eat-it-for-breakfast-lunch-and-dinner popsicle place: Steel City Pops. We went twice in one day (obviouslly…), and I may or may not have shed a tear when we left because THIS PLACE IS NOT IN RICHMOND. Sigh. I guess things are “special” for a reason.

ANYWAYS…. let me tell you about this long fringe knit vest from Charming Charlie’s that you need in your life! And your closet.


  • It’s takes an outfit from basic….to fabulous! I know, I know – so cliche. But seriously, I’m wearing like a $7 dress from Walmart (last seen here) and everything feels put so effortlessly put together on anotha level!!
  • It instantly covers any straps you don’t want showing. (YASS!!)
  • It goes with EVERYTHING (aka “the 3rd piece of an outfit” as some say): Shorts…dresses…pants…and even serves as a bathing suit cover-up (I’ve used it for ALL of those listed already). Not to mention the colors are perfect for year around. Win win!







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