Home Organization: DIY Cork Boards

I’m stepping out on a limb today and I’m blogging about something completely different from my usual! If you are new to the blog, I am so glad you are here! Typically I share my ramblings about fashion or my faith, but today is a new day and I just got back in town recently –  so I’m feelin’ something new! Except for the fact that I now have a cold. In the summer. WHAT? Yeah, #nofun

So unpacking my bags from New England led to this crazy rampage of wanting to organize every single thing in our home (not immediately, though; I was too busy bing-watching Netflix and hoping my bags unpacked themselves the first couple days). And surprisingly, the “lemmie organize things” is kind of working out. Well, this did at least LOL. It’s the most simple DIY you will ever do, so me saying “I made it up all by myself,” doesn’t sound very impressive. BUT maybe it will bring order to your life like it has mine already.

For me, the purpose of creating/displaying these cork boards in our dining area (I do everything at our kitchen table and therefore they would be right in front of me all the time!), was to essentially organize things that would typically be cluttered on our fridge or things that just never made it to the fridge at all. For whatever reason, I just never look at our fridge, and important things that needed to be remembered just weren’t being remembered (I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that when I’m by the fridge, I’m too busy looking for food?). Let’s go with that. And for goodness sake, let’s just get started:


1. GATHER YOUR SUPPLIES: cork boards (Target, pack of 4, $10), scotch mounting pads, thumb tacks (found out you can get them at Dollar Tree), acrylic paint, foam brush, paper towels.  Not pictured: some scotch tape & a pencil

     2. MEASURE, TAPE, PAINT. I used the scotch tape’s width as my measuring stick (place tape across the cork board at the very edge, use your pencil to mark at the top of the tape on both sides, then take off tape and re-stick it above your marks so that the bottom of the tape is touching the marks on either side). Begin painting your edges. Because the cork is “fragile” so to speak, use a generous amount of paint so you do not tear it/crumble it on the edges from spreading the paint too thin.




6. ASSEMBLE MOUNTING SQUARES. While I am not planning on hanging anything heavy on these boards, our walls are textured and I wanted the extra support.

7. ORGANIZE YOUR DISPLAY. I wanted to do something different and have a geometric feel that didn’t look “college dormish.”

8. MOUNT. Peel off the remaining cover of the mounting pads, and mount one board at a time. While I am not very good at gauging these types of things, it was only 4 pieces in a smaller space, and I didn’t want them to look too perfect – so I just went for it!

I split up my boards into 4 categories: Upcoming Events (hellllooooo, everybody’s gettin’ married), Scripture, Missionaries, & Coupons. Invitations were getting lost in stack of mail, I wanted the Word to be displayed in our home more, I wanted to be reminded to pray for missionaries, and I was constantly forgetting coupons (no, keeping it in my wallet didn’t help haha).

How would you organize your display?!

Also, these verse cards and other beautiful sets can be found here at Kristin Schmucker’s Shop!


July’s DEVOTIONAL will be posted very soon! 

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