Classy Summer Crochet Top

HEY THERE, LOVELIES! Right now I’m sitting in a camp office in Rumney, New Hampshire (one of the only places on the grounds that has wifi!). And if you just saw on Snapcaht (shameless plug -> clarke.anna),  I kid you not – there was a little chipmunk running around on the carpet HAHA. #yourecute #butdontkillme. Anyways, because I’m off for the summer, I was beyond thrilled to come alongside my hubby as he speaks at several youth summer camps and church services. And I’m not gonna lie, I feel like I’m in middle school again because, uhh please don’t judge me – I’ve gone to bed at midnight each night, and haven’t gotten up until 10 or 11 AM the next morning for um, ten straight days LOL! My inner nerd has come out, too because I found someone who brought movies (why didn’t I think of that?!), and I have gone on a Lord of the Rings and Star Wars marathon like no other!! Like I said…..middle school days😜. But really, it’s been SO good and I love watching hundreds of teens seek the Lord with everything, getting to know some great leaders who are just as passionate about this generation as we are, and we just feel honored to be a part.


While I’ve been pretty much bumming it lately (#camplife), I wanted to show you this simple classy look that’ll help you beat the heat of July. As much as soft shades of pinks and blue-green minty make my heart happy,  I have to admit, there’s nothing quite like the basics. Especially when it’s crazy hot and I don’t want to deal with anything complicated!! So with that, I gotta say, sleeveless shirts are seriously THE BEST when it comes to heat, and so when I saw this cream-colored crochet beauty, I knew it would be well worn throughout summertime (also, I honestly just realized that my last post was a crochet off the shoulder!). Obviously, I love it ha!

And I actually bought this particular top a few years ago – which kind of just speaks for itself: it’s a classic, and will go with pretty much anything. Plus, if you get a little chilly like me in the evenings and want a knit cardigan, you won’t have to worry about any sleeves bunching up underneath. Win, win!







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