How I Pair My White Tee And Sneakers For An Afternoon Date



ALL PHOTOS: Nick Davis Photography  // LOCTATION:  near Byrd Park of Richmond, VA

With an active Mini Aussie Shepherd, taking our puppy Jak on walks is part of Nathan and I’s daily routine. Three-times-a-day type of routine ; ). Because of this, Nathan and I try and take him out together as much as we can for a mini date each day. We always make sure to keep our phones away so we can catch up on our day and push “pause” on everything else going on. This past winter was a cold one, so we are thrilled to have the warmer temps of spring and summer. So this means longer walks and longer conversations (hooray!) Unfortunately, Jak wasn’t here with us this time, but walks together have always been extra special for us (esp during our teenage years when we couldn’t just “go out to eat” every time we saw each other)!

Oh, and let me just say, I’ve never been the “throw on a t-shirt” type until recently. I’ve never really cared for graphic tees all that much (although now they have wayyy more options now than they used to so I’m bound to find something I like!), and Lord knows I didn’t have a whole collection of t-shirts like everybody else from playing sports LOLOLOL! But now, tee’s are a large part of my wardrobe and I am growing it little by little with some of my favorites. This one in particular is from H&M (where I go for ALL my basics), and I’ve been able to wear it for various occasions

AND these olive sneakers are super comfy! You can find them at Old Navy (you may remember me raving about them on my insta a few months ago).  They are perfect for the day-to day errands and I have worn them often. Unfortunately, this color is sold out (find a different olive sneaker here), but there are a few more color choices and plus, it’s on sale!

I also decided to go light the on the accessories, but I still wanted some that still dressed up the outfit a bit. 🙂

Enjoy!!! & Hold your loved ones a little bit tighter today!








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