How To Transition Your Fall Floral Dress Back Into Spring


How To Transition Your Fall Floral Dress Back Into Spring - IMAGE 1

I’m all about discovering new pieces and trends for the upcoming seasons (that’s a given, LOL! #fashionblogger). But there’s something extra special about those items in my closet that I can wear throughout the year… over and over again. The ones I don’t even really have to pack away because there are so many ways to wear them regardless of the weather (YAY!). Not to mention, it’s quite spectacular for this gal on a budget, & wants to stay within her goals!

So if you have packed away your fall floral dress in the back of your closet because of it’s darker colors – you just might want to bring it back front and center so you can easily grab it for this spring season. And I want to show you how to easily transition wearing your fall floral into these months of sunshine, when everyone’s in the mood to get outside, have some fun, and conquer things on their wishlist from the wintertime!



fall floral dress extra


What’s not to love about some fringe booties, comfy tights, and a faux leather jacket once it hits October? Take notes for this upcoming fall, because I literally wore this outfit all the time last year! In fact, you can find more of my fringe love here to give you some extra ideas.


Oh, and did I mention that this is a LuLaRoe Nicole dress?! This company is awesome (and growing big time!), & I’ve been blown away by just the few pieces I own (super soft. super stretchy. super amaze!) *this is a Fall 2015 piece*

Currently, I am trying to find an RVA fashion consultant so if you know any, please  let me know because I am hoping to host another party soon (hooray!).



1) Eliminate the layers.  Lose the heavy jackets & tights! Something I love about this particular dress are the longer sleeves, and the way that it drops at the waistline to create a feminine flow. If you find yourself needing some extra warmth (because spring is unpredictable), a simple cardigan that is a neutral color would compliment this look well.


2) Add a statement necklace. For a fresh, spring look, I chose a bold colorful statement above my neckline to contrast the deep navy in my dress. Because I am eliminating layers, adding something bold won’t give the outfit a busy-look like it would with the previous, fall style.

(Oh, and did you notice an accessory that didn’t change? ; ) Yes, I am most definitely an all-year-drink-hot-coffee fan. But I will say…an iced mocha and a peach green tea are tied for second!)



3) Pair the outfit with some ankle high sandals. With the length of this particular dress, slip-on sandals did not  look cute (I tried several on), so I opted for these camel colored ankle-high zip-ups that have a gladiator style to them. I LOVE them paired together and next time, I plan on including some extra tall gladiator sandals in a similar color to mix it up.


4) Add a small simple clutch or cross body bag. I’ve never cared for a big, bulky bag pulling on my shoulder when wearing a dress (unless it’s a large, basic tote..more on this in a future post!), so this bright bag seemed just right to complete the look as it brings out the flowers in the dress without being super matchy-matchy.


                                   5) That’s it! Happy shopping in your own closet! 

final pic transition fall floral

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LOCATION: Byrd Park, RVA | PHOTOGRAPHY: Nick Davis | LULAROE DRESS: Find your nearest consultant or host a party to shop your favorites (you’ll get a free pair of leggings just for hosting!), or other similar floral dresses  here and here | FRINGE BOOTIES:  Exact pair here | FAUX BROWN LEATHER JACKET: Shop similar here or a more budget friendly style here | STATEMENT NECKLACE: Similar styles here | ANKLE HIGH SANDALS:  Similar here and here | GLADIATOR SANDALS (WISH LIST): here and here | PINK CROSS BODY/CLUTCH:  similar style here & a more budget friendly style here | SUNNIES: similar here




41 thoughts on “How To Transition Your Fall Floral Dress Back Into Spring

  1. I need some gladiator sandals! I’m looking forward to your post in totes. This mama of 5 needs totes! In fact I ditched the cute purse I had last winter for Lands End’s totes. LOL!


    1. You will LOVE them. And thanks! I am actually still looking for the right one πŸ˜‰ H&M and Target have some that have caught my eye so I may look there first. Lol yes, it happens!! Thanks for reading, Bek – love you! So excited for Saturday. -xx Anna


  2. Love how you showed the Fall and Spring look together πŸ™‚
    Me and Julia are all about reusing our clothing pieces too, and we budget. Haha got to save to, but just love how you explained everything so nice.
    And I love a foe leather jacket and fringe shoes too ! And a statement necklace is the best way to transform and outfit

    Hope you have a great week Anna ! and that you so much for always stopping by our blog ❀


      1. Thank you so much Anna ! πŸ™‚ We have been so busy lately, but now it have calmed down so we have time to read more blogs πŸ™‚ And we really like your blog too


  3. I would so wear this dress…love how you took it from fall to spring. I think it took me longer than 6 minutes because I kept going back to look at the pictures. Ha!


  4. Yep i did this the other. I wore what could be a summer skirt but then threw on a cardigan and black tights! Boom ready for cold weather.


    1. Aw thank you so much! You are too kind! Yes, it’s definitely a keeper piece for sure. Also…just checked out your blog and I love it! Just subscribed, too. Can’t wait to see more!! -xx Anna


  5. Always nice to see another Anna! Just discovered your blog from your comment over on Hello Fashion. Love the ways you’ve styled this dress for different seasons! Both such great looks. And, like you said, it’s wonderful to be able to shop in your own closet! Thanks for the post. πŸ™‚



    1. That’s awesome! Yes, agreed ;). Thank you for stopping by, reading, and for subscribing! So excited to have you following along! And absolutely…it’s definitely a keeper dress for sure that I know will continue to get a lot of use. Have a wonderful day! -xx Anna

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