I Still Remember The Days I Prayed For The Things I Have Now

I just want to apologize for April’s Devotional being so late! Uhg! I eventually want to get to the point where it’s not the last week of the month every time LOL. If you are new to the blog, first WELCOME! And to fill you in, my goal is to share one devotional a month in addition to sharing some outfit posts.

So let me just be real. While fashion posts are time-consuming, they just come much easier to me because I don’t really pray about them. Sure I plan them, but I basically just get straight to work! But with devotionals…I feel like I have to sit and pray about a particular topic to see if it’s truly something from the Lord. I also know I am held accountable for what I share, because I am doing my best to represent Jesus and I’m pointing others to His word. I hope that makes sense!! Anyways, thanks for being so patient with me, y’all! I will definitely be working on it and I’ll see if I can actually get a schedule down for these!! Or maybe I’m just over-spiritualizing it, and I just need to get my act together (yep, probably the latter). But really, I know both are important and I just need to figure that all out.

So back to April’s devo.

You may have seen this quote  circulating around online. I have yet to find who it originates from (side note: please let me know if you know & I will quote them in the graphics I created)

i still remember

I often see quotes like this, and while they might be great, I rarely ever think about them again. But when I saw this…I could NOT stop thinking about it and it brought up a brand new way of how I prayed and my perspective on thankfulness, and being grateful for where the Lord has brought me over time. I don’t know, somehow it was different than the typical “Can you share a testimony of what God has done in your life?,” or something like that.

All of a sudden, the things I was currently discouraged about quickly dissipated as I thought about where I was 7 years ago, 5 years ago, and even two years ago. Here’s just a few things that came to mind:

Seven years ago, I could hardly speak in front of  like two  people without getting super flustered and anxious, much less ever lead anything ministry related. Fear crippled me and I hated that. I prayed for God to give me courage and boldness to do the things He’s called me to. Now, meeting with women I barely know and encouraging them on their journey with Jesus is a huge part of my life. Leading a Small Group/Bible Study used to be out of the question in my eyes, and now it’s something I love and feel much-more confident in. While I still struggle with speaking in front of others, and perhaps it will always be something I wrestle with, so much progress has been made in this area over time and it because of His goodness.

Five years ago, Nathan and I were praying how or when we could get married when high school and college was all-consuming.  Now we are coming up on two and a half years of marriage, and are talking and praying about a family. Craziness.

Two years ago, I was working in a salon that was commission-based, and while it was wonderful, we needed and prayed for a salary-paid job for me that included benefits, so that there could be another consistent paycheck, and my health insurance could taken care of. Now, I am working for a public high school, and it’s provided so much stability for us. While I know it won’t be there forever, it’s been a blessing for us during this season.


 I remember the days where I prayed for the things I have now
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I remember scrambling to my car to get to work on time, and praying over the things I was worried about. I remember closing my bedroom door, writing in my journal, and pouring my heart out to the Lord over all those things listed above. Yes, I remember. And I am so grateful for where He has brought me.


This may look like things are all working out, and that life is just perfect – but I assure you that there are new challenges of today (ha, remember this?). Between situations, people, and most of all – my heart that is continually being transformed to be more like Jesus, there are things in my life that I am currently praying over and things that I currently struggle with.

But despite the current challenges we all face, Let’s look back on His past faithfulness in our lives to fuel our faith for the things we are praying for right now.

final thoughts

Just take one moment to look back on where you once were. What are the differences of then and now? Where as has He brought you? Yes, there are challenges of today – but what progress has been made?

Or maybe there are things in your life that you are thankful for, but you didn’t necessarily pray for them specifically leading up to this point. Remind yourself that “every good and perfect gift is from above (James 1:17),” and that He knew what you needed before it was even on your mind.

 Maybe all of this is new and you have just decided to follow Jesus. Are you able to look back on your life to see how He was ordering your steps to draw you to Himself?

And maybe, all of this Jesus-talk is a little overwhelming and you’re not quite sure how to piece everything together, and you still have questions, but nonetheless you feel Him tugging on your heart and you know something has to change. Figuring it out on your own isn’t working, and you know you need to surrender your heart and your life to the Lord. The One who created you, loves you, died and rose again for you, and has great plans for you. The One who wants to change you from the inside out. If you like, please send me something here, and I would love to come alongside you on your journey and pray for you!


And finally friends, my hope and prayer is that you would not be discouraged of the things of now. That you would praise Him for His past faithfulness in your life, and that you would would pray the prayers that say “You’ve done it before, Lord; You can do it again.” Let’s never forget where He has brought us, and let us be full of faith and we face today.

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I Still Remember The Days I Prayed For The Things I Have Now

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22 thoughts on “I Still Remember The Days I Prayed For The Things I Have Now

  1. I remember PANICKING about being weeks away from graduation and having to apply for teaching positions. I felt so completely incompetent that I thought about changing my mind and not ever teaching, regardless of the fact that I just paid for a degree in Special Education. God led me to the high school I graduated from, with a position open in the Autism department (which is where I volunteered when I was in high school!) and he has made this journey so beautiful from Day 1 — it’s hard to believe that I’m almost done with year 2! I have the greatest students who just so happen to be some of my favorite people in the world, amazing staff, and a firm belief that this is the ministry field God has put me in for this season. I am far from receiving the World’s Greatest Teacher Award, but I do know that I’m doing the best I can and loving these kids with all my heart. And that makes all the difference. God equips us when fear cripples us, and for that I’m so humbled and grateful.


    1. This is so beautiful, Alyssa!!! I kind of had to read it over and over again – because I’ve just seen firsthand how the Lord has used you in these incredible ways, and this summed it up absolutely perfectly. Also, this is such a huge encouragement to me as I potentially move forward into something new. Thank you for sharing every piece of your journey: both the fears and the victories. God is so good and walks with us every step of the way. I am so thankful for you, friend & you have enriched my life is so many ways! Love ya!!! And side note: #BESTTEACHEREVER #TEAMSMITH 😉 -xx Anna


  2. so many times we often forget to remember those days. We forget to be thankful to the Lord and we forget when things get difficult just how far we’ve come. Thanks for this reminder. May we always remember



    1. Marie, yes! I become so grateful and in awe of what He has done, and yet somehow I can quickly forget where He has brought me when a new and different challenge arises! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Thank you for sharing! -xx Anna


  3. Your smart to take your time on your writings. So many bloggers just post and hope for more views. Me I write as the motivation comes. Right now its dry pen season.


    1. Mihaela, thank you! The beauty of blogging is that it opens the door for creativity, and people blog for different reasons (something I love!). The diversity is wonderful. I love how you write as “it comes;” that’s definitely and avenue that will keep the love it going without the stress! Thanks for reading! -xx Anna

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Love that you know you need to spend time with God before your write your devotions… the heart stance is so important. You’ll get the groove the Lord wants you to have with them.

    I love this quote, I have seen it too, and also am not sure where it came from.

    Love hearing from your heart, thank you


  5. I really enjoyed reading your devotional. Thank you for being faithful to the call on your life by writing it! I constantly struggle with discontentment and always looking forward and not appreciating what I have and where I am right now. Thank you for this reminder to remember that God has provided what I’ve asked him for in the past, and that the things He hasn’t given me aren’t part of His plan.


    1. I appreciate it, Brittany! Thank you for reading 🙂 You are certainly not alone in that. I often find myself looking ahead as well, and while that is good and important, I don’t want it to steal the beauty of today and what has already happened. I am so glad it encouraged you!! -xx Anna


    1. Absolutely, Isabella (or Bella?)! I have seen your name often, but don’t know what you prefer! Yes, looking back can often get us excited for what’s ahead! Thank you for sharing!! -xx Anna


  6. A few years ago, I started to thank God for how He would answer prayers. I know He will not always answer them in the way I intended or thought but He is beyond faithful and will answer them. So the moment I pray, I give thanks knowing full well, He will answer them in His own good timing.

    That quote is wonderful – “I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now” and even the things I never could have imagined!


    1. Most definitely! Every prayer is answered, but we many not always see it immediately. Sometimes we will – sometimes we will later – and sometimes, it might not be until we are on the other side of eternity. Thank you for sharing all of that – I love it!!! -xx Anna


  7. I feel the presence of God all over this post. I was just speaking in church the other day about how God wants to give us things we ask for and although sometimes it requires contending, the times of waiting grow our faith and our trust in Him. Such a POWERFUL post xo


  8. Such a powerful post. Just recently I was talking about the goodness and faitfulness of God. I remember having to contend for certain needs, requests desires. The time of waiting grew my faith and trust in Him.


  9. While I was reading, I was remembering how after I graduated college almost two years, I became extremely depressed. I moved back in with my parents and was working 12hr work days just to work in order to forget the pain and failure I was feeling. But now I know that even though I didn’t pray for God to get me out, I knew He led me out because now I work with purpose. And despite the hurtles, I know God is moving me forward. So I’m definitely just learning to lead by Him instead of me trying to pull God along with me (cause that is obviously impossible). Thank you for this devotional! I’m glad that you took your time and produced such a wonderful post. I know you’ll find your balance. Till then, keep up the great work and be blessed 😀


    1. Jessica, thank you so much for sharing this piece of your life and for offering so much wisdom. I was actually talking about this with a friend the other day about how the Lord is so able to bring us out of where we are, and that He knows what we need even before a specific prayer of ours was even spoken. I am so thankful for his sovereignty in your life and I thank you for sharing a piece of your story! I am so glad you you are working with purpose and you know who you are in Him as you move forward one step at a time. I know He is using you in amazing ways 🙂 And absolutely! You are so right. Prayer is how we stay connected to Him and build our relationship with Jesus, but ultimately – what we should want more than anything is for His will to be done and for Him to be glorified through it all. And thank you for your kind words and encouragement – it’s truly means so much! -xx Anna


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