The Masters: OOTD

The Masters - parking lot and font

This past weekend, Nathan and I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Aiken, SC to visit my Mom’s side of the family (YAY) & then also attend The Masters for the first two days (OMG) in Augusta, Georgia.

Fun fact: My Grandfather, ‘Grandy’ played golf for Cornell University, was a scorekeeper at The Masters for about 30 years, and has played on the course itself many, many times as a thank-you for being a part of the event each year. He’s pretty amazing☺️. Due to this, he has been able to have tickets to the golf tournament each April, and has been so incredibly kind and generous to send family and close friends throughout the years. I come from a large family, so we were of course, thrilled when we found out we were able to attend Thursday and Friday. Not only was this certainly an experience of a lifetime (even for this lady who doesn’t know much about sports ..haha), but it was certainly a bucket list item for Nathan!😉

As excited as I was, I quickly thought about what to wear, what to bring, etc. & so I wanted to share the outfit details with y’all from one of the days, who we were able to see, along with some fun facts/things to know about the golf tournament, if you ever have the opportunity to attend!

The Masters - full outfit


Patterned Shorts (here’s a secret – it’s actually a romper!!) + Chambray Top + Sandals + Crossbody bag + Sunnies + Hat

While I do love and appreciate sporty styles with cute sneakers, I decided to go for a classic golf tournament look considering it was our first time and all. I wanted to wear comfortable shoes for the possibility of walking all 18 holes, a shirt with sleeves that I could roll down  in case it was chilly (which I did end up doing half-way through the day), loose fitting shorts for walking and sitting, and use a medium-sized crossbody bag with my minimal essentials, so that my hands could be free to carry food and drinks and set up our chairs throughout the day.

The Masters - top serious
And of course, a pair of sunglasses & a hat are a must! Okay so maybe not the hat. Again, I was going for the classic look! But definitely sunglasses (read more about that here). You  won’t want to miss a birdie, an eagle, or a hole in one just because you caught the rays of the sun! If you do decide to wear a hat, make sure it is a firm fit so it doesn’t blow away. (We saw that happen more than we can count!) Or bring bobby pins to secure your hat which is what I ended up doing.

The Masters - top 2 smile

In my bag, I only packed sunscreen & chap-stick, a comb (because I wore my hair down and it was pretty windy!), and some money to purchase merchandise and food (they accept cards, too!). Seriously, that’s it! I did end up placing the Groupings and Starting Times Schedule & the Spectator Guide they give you in my bag as well. We ended up using lanyards for our tickets (which have to be visible at all times), and brought chairs specifically made for The Masters  event (no armrests/cup holders are allowed). Both the lanyards and the chairs were from family, but you are able purchase them at the shop once you arrive if you need to.

The Masters - top 1

Because we were at the beginning of the tournament, we were able to sit and watch or follow all of the golfers including Tom Watson (who announced that this would be the last time he plays at The Masters after all these years!), Ricky Fowler, Jordan Spieth, Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson, and Rory McIlroy. Congratulations to Danny Willett who won Sunday! He shared that he almost didn’t come to The Masters because his baby boy was actually due April 10, but ending up coming a week early. What a special time for his family!

On a non-golfer related note, we were able to see Pastor Louie and Shelley Giglio, of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia who were attending as well (which was very special because Nathan and I attended the Passion Conference in 2012), and then we also had the opportunity to meet and chat with Pastor Judah Smith  from The City Church in Seattle, Washington, whose ministry is such a blessing to us as we travel and speak!

The Masters - US

(us, clearly ecstatic😂)


  • Most of the parking lots were completely free.
  • The food was ridiculously affordable. Snacks were $1, Sandwiches ($1.50-$3), and drinks $2 (we definitely recommend the BBQ sandwich, and my personal fave, the egg salad sandwich if that’s your thing!)
  • There are staff in all of the restrooms that help direct you, and they clean a stall after EVERY SINGLE PERSON so that each individual walks into completely clean stall every single time. Yes. For tens of thousands of people! Craziness! Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming, too.
  • Phones and cameras are not allowed under any circumstance to the event. While it was kind of sad not to document the whole experience, Nathan and I truly enjoyed just being present in the moment with no distractions!

the masters - merchandise pic 2

the masters - grandy


(My wonderful grandfather, Grandy. We love you! Xoxo)

Thanks for reading, y’all!! What’s something on your bucket list?

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29 thoughts on “The Masters: OOTD

  1. What fun. I love your shorts too, adorable. There are times when being forced to put down the phone, and even the camera makes all the difference in being able to truly enjoy the moment.


  2. How fun! I need to put that much thought into my attire. I also need to have plavessels to go that require more than workout clothes haha. Glad you enjoyed and was able to help your husband cross off a bucket list item.


    1. Jenny, Aw thank you! It got chillier as the days went on, so I think we went at a good time (high 60’s). And I sure hope he gets to attend one day! He would love it!!! 🙂 -xx Anna


    1. Aw, thank you, Anne! Everything is so gorgeous down there…even just the look! Sidewalks, the trees, magnolias – love it all! So glad you enjoyed the recap & thanks for reading! I hope you get to attend one day!!! -xx Anna


    1. Tara, it was amazing! And how wonderful…I know my family has enjoyed it over the years and it seems like a new experience each time! And yes..there was a piece of me that was sad BUT with blogging/social media…I feel like I’m always looking at a screen and out of excitement I would have wanted to document EVERYTHING without really watching if we had the chance to bring it, so it was VERY good for me LOL!!! So nice to just stay unplugged and enjoy the moments 🙂 Thanks for reading!! -xx Anna


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