Beanie + Sunnies (& Dilemmas)

BEANIES are a new found love of mine. I used to never wear them until recently, and they truly come in handy when it comes to hair-care and such. Generally speaking, I like to go as long as possible without washing my hair to keep it healthy (maybe a blog post on my favorite dry shampoos coming up?!), and so when I’m literally on my “last day,” beanies make it easy.



Side note to any gingers out there... emerald is automatically your color. You practically own it (haha)! It’s classy, vibrant in the most subtle way, and beautiful. Be brave and wear it more often!
SUNNIES *Sigh.* For me, the right sunglasses are just really hard to find. My face is oblong/ultra thin-ish… (which I’m totally okay with), but the #1 problem I run into when shopping, is that most sunglasses are just too big for my face. Like when I try some on, they are literally poking off the side of my face…like way out. And not in the cute kind of way. But, I kept trying and trying, and I found this pair of gems that were on the larger side of what I normally purchase. They turned out to be perfect  and it was the curls that made it work. I discovered that when I wear my hair down with soft curls (verses down and straight, up in a bun – styles I commonly wear), my face becomes “fuller” so to speak, making larger sunglasses work for me.




What creative ways do you utilize when styling your hair on it’s “last” day?    

What problems have you run into when trying to shop for the right pair of sunglasses?

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55 thoughts on “Beanie + Sunnies (& Dilemmas)

  1. I’m not a ginger, but you and I sure do look alike. 🙂 Love the post! Might have to curl my hair again and purchase a beanie.


    1. Haha yes we do!! I was actually showing one of my co-workers a picture of us the other day and she couldn’t believe how similar we looked! Thanks for reading and yes – you could totally pull off a beanie 😉 Hope to see you soon!! Love ya. -xx Anna


  2. Cute pics! I love beanies too…I recently bought a handmade one at a farmer’s market. It’s too bad I live in LA and almost never get to wear it!


    1. Thanks! Haha what a tragedy that it’s always warm there 🙂 But yes, beanies are great! Maybe one of these days you’ll get some use out of your farmer’s market find!


    1. Hey Shaleena! Haha great question. What is your hair like? Straight, wavy or curly? If you have a lot of hair, I would stick to chunky knit beanies vs. the thinner ones. They will hold your hair in place better because of the extra weight (so you don’t have to fix it constantly) and because they are thicker, your hair will fit the look instead of it feeling/looking swallowed if that makes sense! Also, bobbie pins work wonders when trying to keep them in place. I hope that helps some!! -xx Anna


  3. Well, if I looked like this, I’d so own a wardrobe of beanies! Ever since I stopped wearing contacts I’ve missed sunglasses. I’m practically blind without my glasses and clipons are so not cool!


    1. Lol you are too kind. Yes, I don’t know how to operate without sunglasses (especially when driving!) because of how sensitive my eyes are to light. I don’t wear glasses/contacts, but I’ve heard of several companies where your lens double as sunglasses when you go outside. I’m sure they are expensive, though – but who knows – might be something good if you haven’t looked into them already! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -xx Anna


  4. Beanies are the ultimate way to hide “last day” hair!!! I never used to wear them either, until I started washing my hair less. They are such a handy accessory! This beanie looks amazing on you and so does the emerald! I wish I could rock emerald as good as you!

    xo Ashley


    1. Thanks Kusum!!! Haha yes you did mention that 😉 You are too sweet! All the time haha! And yay for buns and braids! I’m waiting for my hair to grow longer for some side braids – I used to wear a fishtail ALL the time .. And I miss it! So impatient – haha!


  5. You are adorable! I definitely wear a beanie when my hair is looking greasy. I have three children 4 and under and I don’t put very much effort into my hair most days, so when I go out, putting something on top is definitely helpful! And I wear glasses so I don’t get to wear sunglasses 😦


    1. Glad you have found something that works for you!! (headbands & dry shampoo also help me, too). And wow – I can only imagine the energy around the home 😉 Haha! I came from a large family where the siblings are fairly close together as well! -xx Anna


    1. You are too sweet. I’m sure you look beautiful in them! They have so many options available now, that I just had to find the right ones that fit my hair style & face shape. Thanks for stopping by!! -xx Anna


  6. You are adorable in your beanie. My granddaughter wears them so well too!! I like the idea that it helps to prolong hair wash day, although as a Gma, if I wore one it might be classified in the weird zone. lol Fun Blog, Thanks!


  7. Fun pictures. And great style and fashion tips too. I’ll be remembering these and passing them on to my kiddos. As a daddy of four girls, these tips are important to know 🙂


  8. I can relate to having a long face. I never wear fashionable sunglasses because due to my visual impairment, I have a little bit of side vison only. With regular sunglasses, sunlight tends to come in from the side and I am still bothered because that’s the only sight I have.

    I’m looking forward to that post on dry shampoos. I never use them but would like to try them someday. I don’t know what beanies are though (English is my second language).


    1. I have heard similar issues from other readers!! I can’t imagine not being able to wear sunglasses…my eyes are so sensitive to light! Yes, I hope to share a post on some beauty routines (including dry shampoo!!) sometime in the summer so be on the lookout for that 😉 OH! And no worries at all! A beanie is the soft knit hat I’m wearing haha 🙂 Loved reading your blog earlier!! Thanks for stopping by – xx Anna


  9. You look so cute! My hair is crazy curly, so hats are not my thing 🙂 But I love the color combo with your hair!


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