Valentine’s Day: Pop of Color 

Remember the time where winter happened in like one weekend? Ahh yes. And everyone who works in schools in the South said “AMEN!” (that’s me!). Nathan and I literally cozy-ied (cozy’d???) up inside and watched the snowflakes fall. Well actually, we cleaned up the whole home in between watching everything on Netflix at least 5x each. But the blinds were open and we kept saying “OMG look at it now!!” It was crazy…& IT WAS THE BEST. While I was kinda sad once it was over….Sunday was absolutely gorgeous and we took advantage of it! Find out how I stayed warm during #Jonas AND most importantly,

 Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies!

{Don’t forget to dress up, hold your loved ones a little bit closer, and never be afraid to have pops of color in the wintertime. Stay warm & Enjoy!}



If it was socially acceptable to wear this coat 24/7 from October-April…. I WOULD DO IT. By far, this is the warmest coat I own and the extra length definitely makes a difference.





“Perfect Blend” Mug



Honestly, I almost didn’t purchase this scarf because there’s chunky knit scarves…and then there’s THIS.  But DURING the snowstorm (when your fur baby’s gotta go!), I realized just how thankful I was to have this on hand! It kept the snow out that was blowing everywhere & it kept my face and neck super warm during our multiple walks with Jak.



There’s nothing better than a pair of knee-highs! Plus they were just about the right height to keep the snow from falling inside (*uhg*). One of these days, I’m going to invest in some actual boots that are meant for snow. But for now – these + 473587 layers of socks have worked just fine while I save up!



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DETAILS | COAT purchased at Burlington Coat Factory, shop similar hereSOFT PINK PANTS, shop similar hereSCARF  {ON SALE FOR $13} found here | BOOTS shop similarSWEATER {ORDER SEVERAL SIZES UP FOR OVERSIZED STYLE} shop similar | MUG {UNDER $5!} found here



28 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: Pop of Color 

    1. This was probably one of the biggest snows we have had since ’98 when we had a snowstorm. So in a way, it felt “new” to us! That weekend was fun and beautiful, and super nice not having to work – but now I think I’m ready for warm weather! And yes…I’m sure the scarf would make a lovely gift! Thanks for reading/stopping by! -xx Anna


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