Jordan Snellenberger


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What’s your favorite hot beverage? 

JORDAN: “I love a good cup of coffee and a cup of tea but the most important thing about it is what you drink it out of. My grandma used to say, ‘If you have tea, the cup needs to be pretty and if it’s coffee, the mug  needs to be great.'”


Last summer, I left one late morning to take our pup Jak on his walk when I noticed that there was this young woman standing on the sidewalk by the parking lot in front of our apartment with her two dogs. It looked like she was waiting for a ride and I didn’t think anything of it. But when I finished the loop of our walk, she was still there, but now sitting down in front of, I assumed, her apartment door. It was getting pretty hot and the puppies were panting at this point. I called awkwardly, “Uh, are you alright?” She responded saying that she had accidentally locked herself out (this actually happened a lot in our complex!!) and the offices didn’t open up for another hour or so but that she didn’t mind waiting. I asked if she wanted some water and she said that would be great. So I walked to my door, dropped off Jak, packed some water bottles, a bowl (for the fur babies!), dog treats, and some breakfast bars and gave it to her. She thanked me and I walked back inside my place. Then it dawned on me and I was like “Duh!! They should just come in!” I ran back outside (I’m actually kinda embarrassed about that part…) and asked her if she would be willing to come inside my home in the AC until the offices opened. She said yes and we headed back to my place with her saying, “Are you sure?!” like a thousand times.

We talked a little bit while I started getting ready for the day, and I found out that she had literally just moved to VA with a new job as a music therapist (Um, how amazing is that?!). Then I found out that she loved Jesus and was looking for a church in the area. On top of that, our puppies connected instantly (that’s a big deal LOL!).

Since that day, Jordan – my neighbor just a few doors down has become such a wonderful friend who was so unexpected and yet exactly who the Lord knew I needed in my life. In fact, she later shared that just the night before I met her on the sidewalk, she was praying that the Lord would provide a friend for her in her new town. AH! I love how God works.

While Nathan and I have now moved about less than a half hour away, Jordan and I look forward to catching up and having doggy dates! Her trust in the Lord to leave all that she was familiar by moving thousands of miles away has been a constant inspiration, and has challenged me trust and have faith in the Lord even more in my life.

Here’s some pieces of her journey that I would love to share with you:

How did you know that you were called to move to VA?

“About 2 years before I moved to VA, the Lord had placed a move on my heart and I knew it would be outside of Michigan. I felt led to apply to any job that I would enjoy and when I applied to VA, I had one of these gut –checks; as in, I knew there was something significant about it. I was looking more out West, but VA is where I had the most peace. It was hard and I didn’t want to be away from family, but it was where I had peace.”

What has been your biggest joy and biggest challenge now living in a brand new place?

“Well it’s kind of two sides of the same coin. My biggest challenge was that I was feeling lonely, missing ‘being known,’ and close friends, but my biggest joy is that I have been able to find new friends like you, and people from my Bible Study, work, and discovering God as such a close friend as well. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

Anna Clarke Blog - Jordan Snellenberger

I feel so grateful for stopping to talk to the young woman locked out of her apartment. The neighbor next door quickly became a dear friend and a sister in the faith. I have been so encouraged  since meeting her!


Have you ever met someone unexpectedly who is now a special part of your life? Is there maybe something that the Lord is currently calling you to do that is so outside of something you imagined, but yet somehow there is peace?

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19 thoughts on “Jordan Snellenberger

  1. What a great story and a beautifully unexpected blessing. It’s fun to hear about how God answers prayers and connects us to others, when we take the time to follow His lead.


  2. What a great story! I love how God hears us and answers us in the most unexpected ways. This is also a great lesson in how we can be someone’s answered prayer; we just need to be sensitive to his leading! Thanks for sharing!


  3. What a really great story! I actually met my wife in an unexpected way… I rejoined a church that I wasn’t sure I’d ever return to. I kept asking God why He wanted me there. Then I met my wife and we served together in an apartment outreach helping others learn about Jesus, spend time together as a family, and tutor kids. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Sometimes God just makes those divine appointments. We just need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit!


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