My Go-To Sweater Cardigan


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DETAILS: PHOTOGRAPHY Nick Davis Photography | SWEATER similar can be found here | FRINGE BAG very similar  | BOOTIES similar here | LEATHER PANTS Forever21 | Find all styles here | TAUPE COLORED TEE

I hardly ever go somewhere without some type of cardigan, sweater, or jacket AT LEAST available (like stuffed in my purse sometimes if it doesn’t look good tied around my waist). This is true even in the summertime. My husband always laughs at me for this. But I have no shame. I can’t help it that I’m always cold!! SO if you are with me in this, you need a go-to sweater cardigan that goes with most outfits. I found this one from Francescas along with many others I have loved. So, for the days you had a perfect OOTD, then checked the temperature and to your dismay you realize you need something a little extra – THIS one’s for you!




Oh, and can we just talk about how great the cardi looks with the leather pants?! It works well with jeans, shorter skirts, maxi skirts (AND maxi dresses) – I’ve tried it ALL and I’ve never been let down! In fact, I also bought this same one in a cream/tan color that I wore over a maxi dress for a fall wedding.


  1. It’s long enough to wear with a shirt +leggings
  2. It’s SUPER  comfortable
  3. It’s fitted enough so that I don’t feel frumpy, but loose enough to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath if need be during the colder months


And while we’re here….I HAVE to talk about this fringe bag and pair of booties. AHHHHH! So. much. fun.
There’s no holding back on the fringe for this one. Over your arm or over your shoulder, this is a sturdy bag that does the job! Also, the lace-up booties were EXACTLY what I was looking for and I’m so pleased. While I can only wear them for a half-day (haha) because I don’t always wear heels or wedges, I’m working on on it and I have no regrets!


My hubby jumped in!! & I’m so glad he did because we ended up using this last picture as our Christmas Card for this past year. YAY!

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27 thoughts on “My Go-To Sweater Cardigan

  1. I’m not sure where you’re blogging from but that street looks like it could be in Columbus, GA which is the closest ‘big’ city to us. I am with you on wearing a cardigan everywhere. That is a really cute one. Some of mine are starting to show wear, so I may have to pick this one up, after we pay off some surprise expenses!


    1. Absolutely! Well, I live in Richmond, VA but that’s neat that it looks similar! It’s a beautiful area. Yes..since cardigans are a favorite, they are one of the firsts to show wear – even with proper washing and good quality. I just love them that much, haha! -xx Anna

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  2. That is SUCH A cute cardigan! I would wear it all the time too if I owned it! I’m definitely with you in the always being cold club!


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